Writers & Readers Common Grounds Monthly Publication/Readings When Announced

Paul Gruchow Essay Contest April 22, 2018 -$100.00 Prize   

Carol Bly Post Card Fiction Contest Deadline September 16, 2018- $100.00 prize

Winter in Variations: Bill Holm Witness Poetry Contest- Deadline December 15, 2018- $100.00 Prize

Digging to the Roots Color Poetry- Deadline December 19, 2018 $100.00 Prize

Bug City: make a bug - Buggy Poetry in the shape of a bug: Contest for kids up to age 18 - Deadline July 19, 2018  $50.00 Prize

Prairie Poetry Prize: Prairie Sampler Anthology Deadline August 19, 2018 

*All submission opportunities must be in English and are open to all who live in the United States 48

* All submissions must be submitted via Submittable with a $10.00 fee

* All winning entries will be published online

* No submissions will be accepted via email

* Please include contact information and bio with your submissions

* Submissions that don't follow the guidelines will not be considered

* Writers Rising Up reserves the right to declare no winner or winners

* Writers own all rights to their writing

* Winners only must submit (color optional) head shot, and four high quality jpeg images for WRU slideshow related to contest theme.



Writers & Readers Common Grounds Open Submission

This is a  monthly submission that will be published at Writers Rising Up.

Submit a Poem with an Essay Preface. Total length should be less than 1,000 words.

Include a preface with the poem which explains the place you're writing about and its cultural, seasonal or regional connections. 

The place you write about may be somewhere you visited, or your hometown. You choose. 

The cultural connection should be about some aspect of the beliefs, customs, rituals or habitat that are related to a particular place.

The preface and poem should be no more than 1,000 words in length.

Each preface and poem submitted to Submittable must include a $10.00 reading and processing fee.

Please include the name of the month with your submission. All poems will remain on the WRU web site. Note that we will not publish a poem for August in December. Submit in advance, so the submission will match the season. 

You may submit a poem for any month. If you're submitting for two months, each month must be submitted separately with a $10.00 fee

Writer owns all rights

Follow directions at Submittable or at www.writersrisingup.org at the Events/Contests link.

Submissions that don't follow the directions will not be considered

Submitting does not guarantee publication

Submit a color poem or poems (Must have ten poems) written with the (there are 11 images) image/and colors in mind. Please view images online at our Facebook page and write a poem or poems with the image/colors or color (s) in mind. 

Images (Facebook) Directions are at the Events & Contests Link at Writers Rising Up 

Submission Deadline December 19, 2018 

Seasonal poem (s) each must be no more than 20 lines. They must reference the image and match/be color specific to the images at the Events and Contests link at Writers Rising Up.

Best poems will be selected and published online in January 2018

$100 Prize (can be shared amongst more than one winner)

Must be original unpublished work. Writers own all rights

Poet must submit color head shot as a jpeg file to Submittable.

Submit with name, contact info and a short bio.

The submission process for 2017 is on Submittable and includes a $10.00 submission fee.. 

Writers own all rights

Writers Rising Up declares the right to declare no winner

Winter in Variations: Bill Holm Witness Poetry Contest – December 15, 2018 $100.00 Prize

•Submission of six poems accepted up to December 15, 2018 (NOTE: NO Submission will be accepted without SIX poems.)

•Write poems about witnessing some every-day occurrence in winter

•Must be original unpublished work

•Winner or winners to be published online at www.writersrisingup.org

•Prize- $100.00 (May be split if more than one winner.)

•Writer owns all rights

•Writers Rising Up reserves the right to declare no winner.

Writers Rising Up